Top Corker Aide Just Exposed Trump’s Twitter Lies

- Oktober 08, 2017

With the Twitter feud between President Trump and Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) reaching new heights today, Senator Corker’s Chief of Staff labeled Trump’s claim that the Senator  “begged” for his endorsement an outright lie in a conversation with an NBC producer today.

To refresh your memory, today’s tweet battle started when Trump sent these out early today:

Senator Corker’s response was classic and cutting:

Of course, Trump couldn’t let the Senator have the last word, replying with this gem:

Now Frank Thrope V, an NBC Producer and Off-Air Reporter on the Congressional beat, has revealed this juicy morsel from inside the beltway:

Someone’s crying wolf again, but you’ll have to be the judge as to whether the President, who yesterday claimed to have coined the term “fake”, or the junior Senator from Tennessee can claim greater credibility.

Just for the record in helping you to make that determination, Donald Trump’s score on Politifact currently stands at 17% of his statements rated true or mostly true with 69% called mostly false, false, or “pants on fire”, whereas Senator Corker’s score is 83% labeled true or mostly true, with just 17% called mostly false. Hope that helps you in your decision.



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